Nano Brasil is a company focused in identification and incorporation of opportunities immediately applicable in the nanotechnological world.


Nanotechnology is a science whose main goal is to elaborate new materials from the reorganization of atoms and molecules, creating better structures when compared to their natural form…

This new structure is capable of changing the material’s properties, as the element behaves differently at the nanoscale. The nanotechnology’s unity of measurement is the nanometer, which is equivalent to one billionth of a meter or a million times smaller than a millimeter. This fact allows the atoms to be worked in various ways to better adapt the characteristics demanded by each product which it will be used. The manipulation of a particle smaller than a thousand nanometers, by definition, already configures it as a nanoparticle, however, in order to achieve the optimization of its potentialities, it is recognized that its dimensions must be in the spectrum between 1 and 100 nanometers. There are so many applications of Nanotechnology that is not yet possible to visualize its full extension. Its update extend to the most different markets encompassing all industrial sectors and can be used in areas such as medicine, electronics, energy, environment, food, textiles, paints and many others.


We are a group of professionals passionate about what we do. All Nano Brasil’s founding partners have an entrepreneurial profile, which have performed successfully their professional challenges throughout their careers. The perception of the necessity to align the availability of nanotechnology already under study and use worldwide, to brazillian companies, inspired this group on focusing their efforts on identifying the best viable opportunities for immediate application and, thus, created this company, which aims to be a nanotechnological hub in Brazil.

Oscar Geigner

Co-founder & CCO

Bachelor of Economics and Macroeconomics from Universidade Mackenzie, in addition to having completed the Corporate Marketing and Advanced Negotiation course at ADVB. Commercial strategies course at FGV, worked in commercial consultancy in many companies of technological innovation and retail like Motorola, Elmo Calçados, Lojas Paquetá, among others.

For over 25 years, worked bringing technological multinational companies to Brazil, such as Swarovski e Battery-biz, until he was hired by DELL to manage sales and keep bringing new technologies to Latin America. Always working as a commercial director, operated on several technological launches and innovations of these brands. He felt the brazillian market’s need for nanotechnological solutions, which were already used widely around the world and, with Lucio Coelho, they studied, participated in symposia and specialized fairs, until the signing of several contracts.

Lucio Coelho​

Co-founder & CEO

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) by UFMG; Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Accounting and Finance by Uninter. Master in Business Administration, Administration and hospitality management through the European Institute of International Management.

Fifteen years of his career were dedicated to the banking sector along with investment banking, acting for over 5 years as Officer in Banco Pactual, when he decided to know the reality of the productive sector. He was a CFO at Brazillian Diamonds Ltd., canadian company, which researches and explores gold and diamonds, being part of the group Ferrosider. Operated for over ten years in the restructuring process of companies, as a partner of RN Executivos Ltd.,assuming the role of CEO in a food retail chain. Once he was one of the founders of a healthy food industry, discovered the world of nanotechnology and actively participated in the creation of Nano Brasil since its inception.

Paulo Moraes

Counselor partner

Entrepreneur in the areas of retail, real estate, technology and media, Lawyer, postgraduate in Business Law, Auditor and Tax Consultant ( Arthur Andersen). He is also a Certified Counselor by Fundação Dom Cabral (FDC) and attended the Advanced Management Program, PGA, by the European Institute of Business Administration – INSEAD, in France.

He was a co-founder, President and Vice-president of the Boards of Director of ALESAT COMBUSTÍVEIS S/A for 20 years, that was among the 40 largest companies in Brazil, with revenues over 13 billion and operations in 21 states of the Federation. During this period, 3 companies were acquired, including the spanish company Repsol. Conducted, with advisors, the negotiations and document preparation on the company’s sales process and public offering process. Finally, he conducted and concluded the sale to GLENCORE, an Anglo-Swiss multinational, which is considered one of the largest natural resource companies in the world.


Lipomize s.r.l.

Company specialized in the development of liposomal formulations for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and nutraceutical industry.

In the pharmaceutical area, Lipomize is a R&D company turned on the development of nano and micro smart transport vehicles and is mainly focused on oncological therapies, but operate as well in other areas, such as antibiotics. Polymeric and liposomal drug delivery technology are the main knowledge of Lipomize. In the cosmetic area, the company develops and produces liposomal ingredients for the industry and works with the most important ingredients in the world, such as Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Caffeine, Astaxanthin, among others. In its most recent speciality, the nutraceutical area, the company develops and elaborates supplements using the active principles that are trending in the market, like the Glutathione, VItamin C and B12, Turmeric and Iron.

nanotec s.a.

Nanotec is the first Chilean company dedicated to the research, production and commercialization of nanotechnology applied in processes and products. The company has already developed skills and capabilities to produce, on a commercial scale, several metallic nanoparticles.

The main product explored by Nanotec is the nano Copper, mainly due to its potent biocidal properties. However, the company also produces and markets a range of other metallic nanoparticles and was recently selected by CORFO, a governmental agency in Chile, which is managed by the Ministry of Economy, as the only government authorized to develop and explore nano Lithium applications, that is provided by the large mine existent in Chile. Nanotec possesses products for over 70 market applications. It exports its products to more than 10 countries. Received the award for Chile’s best innovation company in 2016 and 2017.


Live demonstration of nanocooper

HOW antimicrobial COOPER WORKS

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LIPOMIZE: Export Company from Santa Fé


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